Rochester, New York April 14, 2011 — WJKR-DB JO KHOOL RADIO, a new smooth Jazz radio station has started streaming 24/7/365 over the internet. WJKR-DB brings smooth jazz back to its roots from the early 1970’s to the present when it was heavily influenced by jazz fusion, soul, R&B, funk, rock, and pop music.


WJKR-DB JO KHOOL RADIO broadcasts LIVE every Sunday from 4:00pm to 7:00pm EST with a Top 10 countdown format of artists chosen by the internet listener, also featuring new artists’ CD preview, and selected artists from the Jo Khool Smooth Jazz Soul Archives that still has a strong following.


WJKR-DB JO KHOOL RADIO “will not put you to sleep; we’ll make you tap your feet”. Back in the late 60’s when I first heard Wes Montgomery perform two Beatles tunes “A Day in the Life” and “Eleanor Rigby” I found that sound smooth and Jazzy. In the late 70’s, KJLH and KUTE 102 in Los Angeles and KKSF in San Francisco were the main stations on my radio dial. Soon I began purchasing and introducing friends to new tunes they’d never heard before. I finally decided to share all my favorite music with the world by starting WJKR-DB JO KHOOL RADIO incorporating smooth jazz artists playing a funky, soulful, and pop beat. BTW…The name Jo Khool is derived from my favorite Peanuts character Snoopy as “Joe Cool”!

February 26, 2020 Jo Khool brings a brand new 2nd  music programming titled "The Soulful Taste of Smooth Jazz" to GSRN-Radio every Wednesday afternoon at 4:00pm to 7:00pm EST.